Charging & Discharging Test

Main Product Processing

Besides production line, Yute Light has advanced production equipment hight frequency plastics welding machine, ultrasonic plastics welding machine, CNC machine, auto welding equipment, far-infrared heat shrink packing machine etc.. These equipment keeps the details of portable lights precise and semi-automated production.

Efficient Assembling Production Line

There are more thant 50 experienced workers in Yute Light factory to ensure the delivery time and quality.

High Frequency Platics Welding Machine

Far-infrared Heat Shrink Packing Machine

CNC Machine

Ultrasonic Plastics Welding Machine

Strictly Quality Control

Inorder to ensure our lights have good quality, Yute Light owns a series of sound quality inspection process. Our worker check every step in the processing and random choose lights to do tests in the lab.


With great quality, our lights have many certifications to meet different countries’ markets. With professional R&D teams, we add many patents every year.

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